Isn't it obvious? I'm getting rid of my competition. I didn't come all this way and lose my brother just to be told I'm not good enough to attend the University.

–Will to Malencia Vale, The Testing

Will Donovan[1] was a Testing candidate from Madison Colony. He has a twin brother named Gill.

The Testing Edit

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Will was a testing candidate and friend of Malencia Vale. Both he and his twin brother Gill were chosen as part of the testing. Gill failed the first stage, but Will passed the first three stages of The Testing.

During the final stage of Testing, Will killed Nina with a crossbow. He ran into Cia and Tomas, briefly joining them on their travel. At some point, he gained a skimmer and used it to pass the finish line.

Near the finish line, he betrayed Tomas and Cia, attempting to shoot them, but failed. After being shot twice by Cia, he climbed in the skimmer and crossed the finish line. He also revealed that he was the crossbow shooter who shot at Cia at the beginning of the test.

Independent Study Edit

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In Independent Study, Will had no memory of what happened during The Testing. He wanted to go into education, but he was assigned Government Studies with Cia and Rawson.

Graduation Day Edit

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In Graduation Day, Will revealed that he had regained his memory of The Testing. He helped Cia with her mission to assassinate those who helped with the testing and appeared to have changed.

He ended up killing Symon Dean, the Testing affiliate who killed Cia's brother, Zeen Vale.

In the end, Cia discovered that the failed testing candidates were they are sent to Decatur Colony and experimented on, and would later become the mutated humans that Cia encountered during the final stage. When Cia arrived at Decatur Colony with Will, Gill had not been tested enough to change. Gill and Will reunite, making jokes just as they did when Cia first met them.

References Edit

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