Tomas Endress is one of the main characters in the Testing. He is from Five Lakes Colony. During The Testing, he developed a relationship with the protagonist, Malencia Vale[1].

Early Life Edit

Tomas was considered as the brightest student in his class. When the testing candidates were chosen he, Zandri Hicks, Malachi Rourke, and Malencia Vale, candidates from the Five Lakes Colony, are selected to participate in the testing. He had a good life

The TestingEdit

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Tomas, along with the protagonist, Malencia Vale, was chosen for the testing. They developed a relationship, starting out when he goes to see her while she rests outside of a restaurant they and the other Testing Candidates from Five Lakes were taken to on the way to Tosu City. After that, he and Cia became close friends during the first three stages of testing and teamed up during the fourth. Tomas saved Cia's life when she was about to fall off the edge of the bridge, and that's how they found each other. During the testing, while Cia was out hunting, Tomas encountered Zandri. He killed her by accident.

Independent StudyEdit

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Graduation DayEdit

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References Edit

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