The Testing is the first book of the Testing Triology.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Malencia Vale, or Cia, is a 16 year old girl living in the small, rural Five Lakes Colony. She is very bright, and is graduating. She hopes to be chosen as a candidate for the Testing, like her father. However, she doubts herself due to none of her older brothers being chosen.

Her older brother, Zeen, is a handsome young man who helps his father with his projects to help restore plant growth, while also suggesting and conceiving his own ideas. Her older brothers: Hamin Vale, Hart Vale, and Win Vale also assist their father in his projects, all having a touch with botany and engineering.

The day of graduation arrives, and Cia hopes that she will be one of the candidates sent to the Testing. A large majority of the colony arrives to cheer on the graduating class, including Cia's best friend: Daileen. The time for the graduation ceremony finally arrives.

Cia's father makes an announcement about a discovery in engineering that will improve his and his partners' efforts in restoring plant life. He, however, takes the credit for himself although promising to give Zeen credit as it is his invention.

Cia is left feeling mixed emotions after graduating, which are being happy for graduating and being disappointed for not being chosen as a candidate for the Testing. Her disappointment is furthened due to having heard rumors of a Testing official visiting Five Lakes Colony.

Cia, however, is still glad for being a graduate and talks to Zeen. Zeen seems somewhat disappointed not being given the credit he deserves.