The Testing was a series of tests used by the United Commonwealth to choose their new leaders. The testing comprised of 4 stages.

First Stage Edit

The first stage was simple written tests. Candidates had 4 hours to complete each test. They were math, history, and other subjects.

Second Stage Edit

The second stage was a hands-on examination. Candidates had to do things such as, see if plants are good to eat, purify water, and fix pulse radios. After they complete it, they must verify their answers by as eat the plants they deemed edible or drink the water they purified. That is why an accepted answer was I don't know or I can't do it. If you failed, it could lead to negative effects like sickness, shock, or even death.

Third Stage Edit

The third stage was about teamwork. The teams had to figure who was good at what type of problem and send a person to solve a problem according to what they are good at.

Fourth Stage Edit

The fourth stage consisted of a big path where students had to make it back to Tosu city. They were sent hundreds of miles away to unpopulated areas where no one tried to fix the land. Candidates got to choose three survival tools. There were no rules besides staying within the boundaries.