Ryme Reynald was a girl from Dixon Colony, who was selected for the Testing. She was Malencia Vale's roommate during the first phase of testing.

The TestingEdit

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An arrogant and conniving girl, Ryme brings a stack of nine corncakes with her to Tosu City that are later revealed to be laced with poison, as her attempt to thin the competition. On the first night, she is kind to Cia and wants to learn more about Five Lakes; however, it seems that this was an attempt to get Cia to warm up to her and eat a corncake.

After the first day of testing, Ryme boasts about how easy the tests were in an attempt to put stress on Cia. After the second day of testing she is again boastful, but when Cia admits she finished the Reading and Language skills section with time to spare, Ryme appears distressed. Cia attempts to apologize for being rude but Ryme regains her arrogance and tells Cia that she only did it to feel better about herself.

Later that afternoon, sometime before dinner, Ryme hung herself from a light fixture in her room using her bedsheet, which she tied to her dress. After her death, some of the Testing Candidates thought that her suicide would help their odds of winning because of one less person competing against them.