Vale is the main protagonist of the Testing Trilogy.

Early LifeEdit

Malencia Vale was born in Five Lakes Colony as the fifth child and first daughter of her parents. She grew up there along with her parents, and older brothers, Zeen, Hamin, Hart, and Win. Cia's parents enrolled her in school a year early and she met her best friend Daileen at age three. She was also acquainted with Tomas Endress, whom she found handsome, but as they got older she drifted away from him. She always dreamed of being chosen for The Testing and being able to attend the University like her father.

The TestingEdit

When Cia was accepted to the Testing, she was sixteen years old, the youngest of her class. Because of her age, she was always afraid of failure, despite being ahead all of her peers. She attends the Testing with 3 other Five Lakes students: Tomas Endress, Zandri Hicks, and Malachi Rourke.

On her graduation day, the Tosu city official expected to arrive is not present. It crushes her dreams of going to university and achieving things like her father.

The same night, while she was at the colony's center, she is called to meet Michal, the awaited Tosu City official. He was made late by an incident with his skimmer. He tells her that she has been selected for the Testing and that she would leave the following morning.

Hearing the announcement, Cia feels relieved. It is not shared by Zendri Hicks or her father and Zeen. Zeen walks away without saying goodbye to Cia.

Before leaving, her father tells her of the dreams or bits of memory he has. Telling her how we remembered seeing some of his peers dead. Because of that, Cia changes the things she was allowed to take with her. She took two changes of comfortable clothes that allowed her to move freely (unlike most of the other girls, who brought frilly, pretty dresses), an old pair of boots that used to belong to one of her brothers, a multiple task knife, and Zeen's transmitter (Cia felt bad about not asking him first!).

When entering the Testing she becomes roommates with Ryme Reynald from Dixon Colony of whom she has suspicions about, due to Ryme offering her corn cakes, yet not eating one within three days. When Cia suggested that she did better than Ryme, Ryme hung herself. After that, Cia moved to a different room.

When she moves to the different room she realizes that there is a camera and this means there is one in every room and the official were watching while Ryme killed herself.

After the first stage of the test, Cia moves through to the second stage and in the second stage it is a more hands on test and when they are asked to sort edible and inedible plants (that may possibly cause death) and they are asked to fix a radio, one of her friends from her colony, Malachi, is killed.

The next test is a group test where the group memebers need to work together to achieve a passing grade, they device a plan on how they are going to tackle the questions that they were asked, Roman goes first and tricks the rest of the group, Cia realizes his plan and is able to save herself and Brick and is unable to save Annalise.

In the next stage of the testing it is the stage where the candidates need to travel from outside the colony and find their way back to Tosu City. The challenge is difficult there are a lot of near death experiences, Cia almost dies, she kills, her trust is broken but she ends up making it to the end.

Cia wakes up nine days later and she attends the final stage of the test which is the interview stage, she realizes that her friend, from her colony, Zandri might have been killed by her love interest Tomas.

Cia makes it to University and there, she finds that she doesn’t remember what happened in the testing but at the end she finally finds the only thing that helps her remember.

Personality Edit

She is a very nice girl that hates the sound of death. She does not trust anyone besides Tomas and her family in the beginning. After many experiences, she comes to trust most of her friends. Many consider her to be the smartest among the students at the university.