Daileen is Cia’s best friend from the Five Lakes Colony.

Early LifeEdit

She has been best friends with Cia since the age of three and is only two weeks younger than Cia. She was not enrolled in school until the mandatory age of six, Cia was enrolled at five, making her an academic year behind Cia. She is a shy and gentle person and it is only with Cia’s pushing she would have little social interaction with other students. Her mother died two years prior to the start of the story “in an accident and her father, while nice, isn’t home much, leaving Daileen alone to deal with the chores and the memories.”

The TestingEdit

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She is excited that Cia has been selected for Testing but sad to see her friend leave, vowing to study hard over the next year so she too can be selected and join Cia in Tosu City. On Cia’s last night in the colony she asks Lyane, another girl from Five Lakes, to look after Daileen and make sure she has a friend; Lyane agrees. Daileen is mentioned periodically throughout the series, but she never makes another appearance.